Academy Registration Requirements
Before registering your academy, check to see if it's not already registered by clicking on the ACADEMIES LIST menu on the left
To register your academy you'll need to complete the steps detailed below
Step 1 Terms and Conditions
  • On the first step, you must read and accept our Terms and Conditions
Step 2 Registration Form
  • On the second step you need to:
  • Supply information about your academy
  • Upload your Black / Brown belt certificate (or the head instructor of your academy Black / Brown belt certificate)
  • If you don't have a scanned copy of the certificate you can take a picture with your cellphone and upload it
If you don't upload the belt certficate, your registration will not be accepted
Step 3 Notification
  • We will review the information submitted and you will receive a notification email if your academy is approved
Click the button below to register your academy